A new version of YouTube launches on October 28th, 2015, in the US. Called YouTube Red, it is an ad-free version of the popular video sharing site, allowing also offline viewing of videos for subscribers. For $9.95 a month, users get access to videos without ads, and specifically-created content for subscribers only. It's a bit like NetFlix, but likely with less original content. As a bonus, you also get paid access to Google Play Music, a solid online music streaming service.

Existing users can continue to use the video service on YouTube as before, and payouts for content creators stay the same in that tier. The amount one gets from subscribing viewers who view your content is, however, up for a great amount of debate. Some are embracing it, and others are crying foul and calling it the end of the platform. Time will tell, and for now on those in the USA will be able to try it out.