Imagine a truly terrible idea: meeting a complete stranger as an attractive woman, knowing nothing about him, and knowing he may want something you are not willing to give. Now, imagine meeting him in a location you know nothing about, have no resources in, and have no viable exit strategy for. Sounds like a perfect setup for a horror movie, but it’s just the newest online dating app called “Miss Travel."

As the website indicates, “generous" males connect with “attractive" females (though in theory it could be the reverse) and travel together. The generous male pays all the female’s travel expenses and hotel fees. The female accompanies the male, provides engaging conversation, and ….

Tinder now allows you to meet up and plan your fornication in advance of arriving at your destination. But if that doesn’t make a potential squeeze toy beholden enough to you, then you can essentially buy their services by paying for their travel and taking them along on the plane with you. There are literally no limits to the ways this can all go wrong, mostly for the attractive female.

The thing that’s really interesting is how terrible the video promoting this site truly is. It feels like the setup to the horror movie mentioned earlier, but it’s meant to sell you on the service. Ironically, it spoofs the movie Taken. That’s the one where the innocent and foolish girl meets someone she doesn’t really know, and ends up sold to an international sexual slavery ring.

Only, in the real version, there’s no Liam Neeson to save your life.